Jorge Espejo started playing flamenco guitar at an early age. In his family there is no precedent flamingos, not even music, whichdoes not form an obstacle to perseverance and maturity to the point of being able to accompany the likes of Madrid Jesus "Chozas" or Maria Jose Perez as well as grenadine Tatiana Garrido,among many others.

A degree in music education from the University of Cordoba, alsohas a degree in flamenco guitar at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba learning with guitarists Manolo Franco and Daniel Navarro "El Niño de Pura".

It combines facets of both soloist and companion, and eventaught master classes and workshops flamenco guitar in the world by famous Flemish broadcasting a "fresh" without ever forgetting the traditional bases that hold this music.


- 1st Prize at the Fourth Biennial of Flamenco ONCE (2012).

- 1st Prize in the Second Contest of Flamenco Young in Granada (2011).